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    My daughter’s male friend recieved a text message from phone number 208-252-7543 at apr. 11am, today, November 15, 2017. The message had my 16 year old daughter’s facebook profile
    page and photo(s) from the above mentioned number to her friend that said he (her friend), had 23:43 minutes before the message self-distructs, to click on a link to view nude pictures and/or videos of my daughter.
    This is humiliating, damaging and other serious problems for my daughter.
    This phone number (208-252-7543) needs to be investigated!


    This is really not funny! 🙁
    You have certainly become a victim of a hacker attack.

    If you are concerned that your facebook account has been hacked, you can check it:

    At the top right of the facebook page is an arrow. Please click on it and select “Settings”
    A new menu opens. Select “Security” and then “Where You’re Logged In.

    Now you’ll see a list of all the devices that are logged in and where their location is.
    Is there a registration you do not know? Then it may be that you were hacked.
    If you see something that is not you: click “End Activity” on the right side of the log. The hacker is logged out – but only temporarily.


    Someone calling is posing as a man named Kizito who claims to be an oil rig engineer. He contacted my mom at random through Facebook.

    It s an obvious dating scam, but my mom is old and lonely and keeps talking to this guy. He s solicited personal information from her, which I m sure is for identity theft. Beware.


    We received reviews that there was fraud at Facebook Marketplace.

    Experiences can be read here: User Feedback about 9092791493

    Please be careful by using Facebook Marketplace and think twice bevore paying or doing something other!


    What ist Facebook Marketplace?
    This is a new service of Facebook. You only have to click on the shop icon and you are already at the Marketplace.
    Here you can buy and sell items for free with the people in your community.

    Why is caution required?
    Unlike other online marketplaces (like Ebay) there is no secure system payment method, such as PayPal or feedback systems in place.
    This means buyers and sellers themselves have to agree on the price and the payment method.

    How do the frauds happen?
    For fraudsters, it is easy to post pictures of items that do not exist or are not for sale.
    The Seller uses excuses why PayPal can not be used. In most cases, he requires a bank transfer. Personal meetings are not possible for him or will be canceled after the buyer paid.
    The victims pay for their items but they never receive them!!!

    How can I protect myself?

    • If someone’s profile or messages look suspicious or he urges you to pay, do not make a deal.
    • If you have any doubts, it’s safer to go away.
    • Always use a secure payment method such as PayPal.
    • Never transfer money directly into a seller’s account without first looking at the item in person.
    • If you buy smaller items, ask for the exchange to be in a public place, like a local police station.

    Learn more about how the Facebook lottery scam works.

    Here is a possibility:

    “A new friend”:
    First you receive a friend request and later this person contacts you to talk to you about lottery.
    Her or his Facebook account has a photo on it and it looks real with decent or funny posts. The conversation starts as follows:

    Hi! I´m Jenny (or another name). I have something important to tell you and I think you should know. Then she asks: Are you already informed about your winning? 
    You are one of the lucky winners of the Facebook lottery. It is 100% real and legit. To check this and see the winners of the past you can click on the following link.

    >> If you click on the link your computer can be infected with malware, spyware, or keylogging. Please, beware! 

    The promised wins can be high, for example $50,000.00, $200,000.00 or more. But there is no Facebook lottery!!!

    And if you trust in the Facebook lottery you can also lose a lot of money!

    The scammer will ask for your address and other personal dates. To deliver the cheque with FedEx you have to pay a „little“ fee. Of course, never a real FedEx employee will be standing in front of your door, it will also be a fraudster.


    Another possibility of the the Facebook lottery scam:

    „A friend from your friends list“:
    A new way of scammers now is duplicating established Facebook user accounts. You think one of your friends contacts you and so have more confidence.
    Your „friend“ will ask you how you are and if you heard about the good news. You wonder… He talks enthusiastically about the win in Facebook Powerball lottery he got. At the following link you can check if your name is still at the list… Please click and contact another person via Facebook to collect your winning.

    >> If you have any doubts contact you friend directly or by phone … but NOT by Facebook!

    Please remember: there is no Facebook lottery!! So you can lose a lot of money or be victim of identity theft!

    In the following we will publish some hints for the security of using Facebook.


    This is a scam where people use your own friends on FB or an acct. as if it was your friend. Saying the owner of FB Mark Zuckerburg has money for you.

    Its a scam cause when I asked them to answer some questions only me and my friend would know I never heard from them again.

    (Type Text Message # 2482203814)


    Safety instructions for dealing with Facebook:

    • Only accept friendship invitations from people you really know!
    • Check out the latest warnings on check-caller or the information on Facebook
    • When you got a message from a “friend” you don´t know, you can check it if it is a fake profile:
      Open the picture of the Facebook profile you want to check and click on it.
      Save it on your PC. Open https://www.tineye.com/ and click on the arrow left to the white search field.
      Choose the photo you have saved from Facebook.
      Now you can find where the photo is used in the internet.

      And if you see it is from stockfoto or something like this … you will know that your “friend” use a false identity.
    • When you have any doubts with the messages of your friend contact them directly or by phone … but NOT by Facebook.
    • If the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be suspicious and use your common sense.
    • Know the persons you are dealing with. If you do not know enough about the person or company, learn more about them!

    Facebook – giveaway scam

    While you are browsing on the Internet suddenly a popup opens wich looks like facebook: “Congratulations! You’re today’s lucky visitor.”.

    Your prize for being a loyal customer: a gift card with $ 1.000. You have 2 minutes to select from a list of famous stores … so choose fast.

    Unfortunately, this is not a promotional gift from Facebook – even if the page looks very real.

    For fraudsters, it is easy to imitate logos, colors and websites so it is hard to see the difference to the original. They even have the possibility to display your phone number that you are currently using.


    • Companies usually give out small discounts and not hundreds of dollars!
    • When there are spelling errors in offer it may also be a scam.
    • Legetime companies do not ask for bank or credit card information by making giveaways.
    • In case of doubt: Look directly on the webpage of the companie for that promotion or make a short internet search for the offer!
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